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About Edumate

We are a team of exceptional doctors working under the name for last 11 years and have guided over 20,000 students to get admission in medical programs in various countries, out of which more than 400 students are studying in kerala. Our team of doctors have dedicated their time to make the dreams of aspiring medical students into a reality. For over a decade, we have been providing in-depth consultation to students whose sole aim was to study Medicine.
Edumate is unique in our venture, not only in the fact that successful doctors guide the future doctors, but also because we help students choose the best medical universities based on their choices and preferences along with the observation of our doctors. We suggest the best option available for them based on their educational qualifications, NEET score and other preferences made by the students so that they get the education they deserve.
Our suggestions are based on observations made on individual students; thus, the recommendation of universities will vary from student to student just as an individual differs from another. Every student will be given the utmost importance and a unique consultation to give them the best result. We assure you the job you are longing for. We provide you with detailed information about each exam in India which includes general information about the exam, eligibility criteria, important dates, syllabus, preparation tips and much more.